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Anderson localization of walking droplets

Abraham, A. J., Malkov, S., Ljubetic, F. A., Durey, M., Sáenz, P. J.

Submitted (2023) - arXiv

Minimal Quantization Model in Pilot-Wave Hydrodynamics

Blitstein, A. M., Rosales, R.R., Sáenz, P. J.

Under review (2023)

Traveling Faraday waves

Guan, J. H., Magoon, C. W., Durey, M., Camassa, R., Sáenz, P. J.

To appear (2023) 

Emergent universal statistics in nonequilibrium systems with dynamical scale selection

Heinonen, V., Abraham, A. J., Slomka, J., Burns, K.J., Sáenz, P. J., Dunkel, J.

Under review (2022)

Emergent order in hydrodynamic spin lattices

Sáenz, P. J., Pucci, G. Turton, S.E., Goujon, A., Rosales, R.R., Dunkel, J., Bush, J.W.M.

Nature, 596, 58–62 (2021) (Movies)

A hydrodynamic analog of Friedel oscillations

Sáenz, P. J., Cristea-Platon, T., & Bush, J. W. M. 

Science Advances, 6, 20, eaay9234, (2020) (PDF) (Movies)

Spin lattices of walking droplets

Sáenz, P.J. , Pucci, G., Goujon, A., Cristea-Platon, T., Dunkel, J., Bush, J.W.M.

Physical Review Fluids, 3, 100508 (2018). (PDF)  
APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award Winner  (VIDEO)

Walking Droplets in a Circular Corral: Quantisation and Chaos

Cristea-Platon, T., Sáenz, P.J. , Bush, J.W.M.

Chaos, 28, 096116 (2018). (PDF)

Statistical projection effects in a hydrodynamic pilot-wave system

Sáenz, P. J., Cristea-Platon, T., & Bush, J. W. M. 
Nature Physics, 14
, 315-319 (2018). (PDF)

Hydrodynamic analog of particle trapping with the Talbot effect

Sungar, N., Tambasco, L. D., Pucci, G., Sáenz, P. J., & Bush, J. W. M.

Physical Review Fluids, 2(10), 103602 (2017). (PDF)

Dynamics and universal scaling law in geometrically-controlled sessile drop evaporation

Sáenz, P. J., Wray, A. W., Che, Z., Matar, O. K., Valluri, P., Kim, J., & Sefiane, K.

Nature Communications, 8, 14783 (2017). (PDF)

Non-specular reflection of walking droplets

Pucci, G., Sáenz, P. J., Faria, L. M., & Bush, J. W. M.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 804, R3 (2016). (PDF)

Evaporation of sessile drops: a three-dimensional approach

Sáenz, P. J., Sefiane, K., Kim, J., Matar, O. K., & Valluri, P.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 772, 705–739 (2015). (PDF)

On phase change in Marangoni-driven flows and its effects on the hydrothermal-wave instabilities

Sáenz, P. J., Valluri, P., Sefiane, K., Karapetsas, G., & Matar, O. K.

Physics of Fluids, 26(2), 24114 (2014). (PDF)


Linear and nonlinear stability of hydrothermal waves in planar liquid layers driven by thermocapillarity

Sáenz, P. J., Valluri, P., Sefiane, K., Karapetsas, G., & Matar, O. K.

Physics of Fluids, 25(9), 94101 (2013). (PDF)


Stability and Two-phase Dynamics of Evaporating Marangoni-driven Flows in Laterally-heated Liquid Layers and Sessile Droplets

Sáenz, P. J., Valluri, P., Sefiane, K., & Matar, O. K.

Procedia IUTAM, 15, 116–123 (2015). (PDF)


APS March Meeting (Boston, USA, 2019) 

APS DFD Meeting (Atlanta, USA, 2018) 

European Fluid Mechanics Conference (Vienna, Austria, 2018)

Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs VIII, Brown University, (Providence, USA, 2018)

Experimental Chaos \& Complexity Conference (Madrid, Spain, 2018)

APS March Meeting (Los Angeles, USA, 2018)

APS DFD Meeting (Denver, USA, 2017) 

European Fluid Mechanics Conference (Seville, Spain, 2016) 

APS DFD Meeting (Portland, USA, 2016) 

ICTAM International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Montreal, Canada, 2016)

APS DFD Meeting (Boston, USA, 2015) 

UK Heat Transfer Conference (Edinburgh, UK, 2015)

APS DFD Meeting (San Francisco, USA, 2014)

ITTW2014 Two-phase Systems for Ground and Space Applications (Baltimore, USA, 2014)

Chemical Engineering Day UK (Manchester, UK, 2014)

Symposium on Multiphase Flow Based Cooling in High Power Devices (Shanghai, China, 2014) 

APS DFD Meeting (Pittsburgh, USA, 2013)

Chemical Engineering Day UK (London, UK, 2013)

APS DFD Meeting (San Diego, USA, 2012)

APS DFD Meeting (Baltimore, USA, 2011)


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