Join us!

The PML research team consists of instructors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates working in a variety of soft-matter problems that find motivation in markedly diverse areas. We treasure multidisciplinary research, experimental and theoretical developments both inspire and constrain one another in our projects. PML members benefit from working in The Research Triangle, a vibrant area for research.

Post-doctoral researchers

We are always looking for creative and passionate post-doctoral fellows to join the PML team. Potential candidates with either theoretical or experimental backgrounds are encouraged to contact us. To apply, send us a cover letter, your CV (including 2-3 references), and a short description of your background and future research interests. In the absence of internal funding, we should be delighted to help identify and secure external funding to support highly motivated candidates with a strong research background.

Graduate students

If you are a graduate student interested in rotating or joining PML, send us a note describing your background and research interests. We are curious about very diverse problems and thus welcome students from any department at UNC. We are also excited to develop new collaborations and so will happily consider co-supervising graduate students. If you have finished or are about to finish your undergraduate studies, at UNC or elsewhere, and are considering  applying for graduate school at UNC Math, we encourage you to send us a note before submission to discuss your application.

Undergraduate students

If you are an undergraduate student at UNC interested in engaging in original research, we always have a range of multidisciplinary projects available in the lab! Prior research experience is not necessary, you just need to be curious and eager to learn. At PML we blend experiments, theory and simulations, which means that we can tailor your research project according to your interests and skills. We will also help you apply for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURFs), which would offer you a stipend to carry out research in the summer, and a Travel Award, which would allow you to present your research at a professional conference. We will also support you for a Research Team (URCTs), Carolina Research ScholarSummer Awards for Research-Intensive courses and other funding opportunities. Send us an email describing briefly your background and interests, how much time you would like to spend in the lab, and what you hope to get out of your research experience. | © 2021 Physical Mathematics Lab | UNC Chapel Hill. All rights reserved.